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Obituary for Frank Mitchell, Jr.

Frank Mitchell was born on December 9, 1925, he was the eldest of two sons born to Frank Mitchell Sr. and Ruby McKnight Mitchell. He willingly took on the role of the oldest son and the leader. Early in life, his goals were to help his mother and protect his brother, Madison. The entrepreneur spirit was evident even in his childhood as he discovered “buy low, sell high”. Beginning in elementary school, he found out that he could get free broken potato chips from the factory, divide them into servings, and sell them for a penny. He kept this spirit from his early childhood through his high school years at Phillis Wheatley High School, class of 1943. Each job he had or created became an opportunity to learn and grow. Each job quickly resulted in promotions, increased authority, and most importantly, more money to help support those he loved. Frank Mitchell possessed an entrepreneurial spirit that shined brightly throughout his life. He invested his time and energy in the San Antonio real estate market leaving a lasting impact on the community with the properties he managed and the opportunities he provided to many. Unlike other businessmen with a primary, and often only, effort of profit, Frank Mitchell combined profit with a compassionate Godly spirit. He encouraged those around him to be independent, showing excellence. Frank Mitchell was proud of his service in the United States Army during WWII in the Signal Corps. The Signal Corps was responsible for the Army’s signal security and intelligence activity supporting the command and control of the Army’s forces. The 2nd Signal Service Company had expanded to battalion size performing intelligence-gathering duties. Their motto was “Pro Patria Vigilans” (Watchful for the Country). He loved telling the story of fighting in Germany during the Battle of the Bulge where roughly 2,500 blacks fought alongside white soldiers to repel the Germans during a miserable, harsh winter. He remembered stringing telephone wire on the ground and on telephone poles, even meeting Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. Returning to San Antonio after his Army service, he soon found and married the love of his life, Exetta (Zetta) Elizabeth Haskins. For 65 years, he shared a deep and loving partnership with his beloved wife, better known as Zetta or Little Mother creating a lasting legacy of devotion and companionship. Together, they exemplified the power of Christian love and unity. They worked side by side in a private home for 38 years while saving to buy their own home. They eventually bought their first home on Culebra Road. Their first residence remained a part of his heart and continued to serve as his office. Frank and Exetta bought their dream home on Waverly Street. The city bought the property because of a flood. “Don’t cry about your problems, make plans” was his motto. He planned, organized, and had the entire home picked up and moved to its present location on Kentucky Street. He increased the size of the home by adding another bedroom and family room. Later, an upstairs bedroom and ensuite bathroom were added. When challenges were presented, Frank Mitchell created solutions. Frank Mitchell began financial independence as an investor in the stock and bond markets. Always believing that one should diversify, he invested in several venues. He passed this knowledge on to his son, Frank Mitchell III, and his daughter, Patricia Mitchell Paige. Beyond his business ventures, Frank was a teacher at heart. He imparted valuable lessons on finance and self-reliance not only to his children but to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His wisdom and guidance will continue to be a cherished part of their lives serving as a reminder of the importance of utilizing the gifts God has provided to create His will in their lives. Budgeting, saving, and investing were just a few tools passed to his children. They were taught to budget, save, and invest. Frank Mitchell’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin investing in real estate. Not only did real estate provide income for his family but provided housing for many. Never happy with the ordinary, Frank Mitchell wanted to reward initiative. Renters who kept up the property and were on time with their rent received an offer to become property owners. Not able to get a loan, he carried the mortgage. His philosophy was “Give a man fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” He was not only a landlord but a lifelong friend, honorary uncle, and mentor to many of the families that worked with him. His compassionate spirit was visionary. He not only saw what you were but what you could be. His straightforward, frank assessment either put you on the right path or sent you packing. An integral part of his life was his church where he was a member for 69 years, serving as a steward and treasurer of St. John Independent Methodist Church. He judiciously managed the church finances, always looking to do more with less. When others saw a problem, he never lost sight of God’s gifts to work together and develop solutions. Showing his faith through his works will be remembered by all who served in the church with him. Even after the loss of his beloved wife of 65 years, he continued to work tirelessly for his church, family, and community. He worked in his office until his health forced him to rest. Always the teacher, Frank worked with his daughter to learn the management of his business and his health. Feeling confident in Patricia’s ability to fulfill his wishes, he was ready to go home. As a beloved child of God, Frank Mitchell Jr. completed his life’s journey on October 23, 2023. Frank was preceded in death by his parents, Frank Mitchell Sr. and Ruby McKnight Mitchell McVea, a brother, Madison Mitchell, a son, Frank Mitchell III, his beloved wife, Exetta Haskins Mitchell, his bonus daughter and bonus son-in-law, Yvonne and Jerrall Washington. He leaves to cherish his memory, Daughter and Son-in-law, Patricia Mitchell and William Houston Paige, Daughter-in-law, Wilhelmina Mitchell, Grandchildren: Fronk Mitchell IV, Valerie Kaye Scott, Stephanie Scott Curtis, Great-Grandchildren: Marquise Mitchell (Hanna), Frank Mitchell V, Sierra Nicole Boudoin, Francell Mitchell, Alexandria Elizabeth Curtis, GreatGreat-Grandchildren: Marquise Jr., Aaliyah, Alexis, Devaruis, Leila, Nephew: Madison Mitchell Jr. (Lillian), Bonus children: Marie Darby, Dennis Tate, Kenneth Grissett, Karen Ezell, plus a score of family, extended family and friends. Frank Mitchell will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him. His legacy of fierce love, wisdom, and entrepreneurial spirit will continue to inspire and guide those whose lives he touched.